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Automation Explained

All of our Retractable Awnings, Exterior Shades, Security Shutters, and most Patio Canopies can be motorized

Put simply there are two types of automation:

Type 1 - Wireless

For the vast majority of our customers we use simple wireless technology.  Any outdoor outlet will do, no electrician is required!  One wireless remote control or battery operated wireless wall switch is all you need to operate your shade. Wireless technology is becoming very cost effective and can be fitted with sun and wind sensors to extend and retract the awning automatically.

Type 2) Hardwired

For the odd situation where the shading system requires hardwire hookup, Sunshade can provide everything required to operate the shade. However a qualified electrician will have to be present to hookup the power.

Sunshade Awnings recommends adding a motor whenever possible, especially when operating  medium to large awnings. People sometimes have difficulty operating an awning due to size, weight and tension of the awning arms. Adding a motor will take the difficulty away. All of our motors come with an industry standard 5 year warranty. They are simple to use, convenient and affordable upgrades to any shading system.

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Sunis WireFree‚ĄĘ RTS SUN SENSOR ¬† $520.00

Sunis Wirefree

  • Wireless, solar powered sun sensor
  • Will extend an awning based on the¬†sun's intensity
  • Solar powered sun sensor
  • Easy wireless installation
  • Automatically extends when the¬†programmed sunlight threshold¬†is reached
  • Compact design allows for discreet¬†mounting
  • Maintenance free

Eolis 3D WireFre‚ĄĘ RTS ¬†WIND SENSOR ¬† $276.00

Eolis 3D WireFre‚ĄĘ RTS

  • Wireless wind sensor that protects the¬†awning from wind generated movements
  • Compatible with all Somfy RTS products
  • Installed/mounted discreetly on the inside end of the¬†front bar
  • Easy wireless installation
  • Automatically retracts the awning with¬†the detection of wind generated¬†movements
  • Easy to program
  • Maintenance free, long life batteries

Heater RTS

Heater RTS

  • Turn infrared heat bar on and off¬†with the same remote used to control¬†an awning
  • 1500 watt
  • Compatible with the Telis RTS range¬†of transmitters and the DecoFlex
  • WireFree‚ĄĘ RTS wall switches
  • Mounts on tension bar with bracket¬†for use under awning

Outdoor RTS Lighting Receiver

Outdoor RTS Lighting Receiver

  • Control patio or deck lights with¬†the same remote used for the awning
  • Controls incandescent, halogen lights¬†or any outdoor device up to 500W
  • Fully compatible with the Telis RTS¬†range of transmitters and the DecoFlex
  • WireFree‚ĄĘ RTS wall switches
DecoFlex WireFree RTS Wall Switch ¬† ¬†$204.00DecoFlex WireFree‚ĄĘ RTS Wall Switch
  • DecoFlex WireFree RTS Wall Switch
  • Completely wireless-no need for an electrician
  • 1,2,3,4 and 5 channel versions provide for individual and or group control¬†of¬†Radio Technology Somfy¬ģ (RTS) products including motorized shades,¬†motorized¬†awnings, lamps and more.
  • Three stylish finishes to complement any d√©cor.
  • Available with custom button name for personalization and intuitive use.



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